Medium Sydney Rocks
Medium Sydney Rocks

3, 5, 8 or 10 Dozen

Medium Sydney Rocks



Shell appearance: A prominent undulating frill that imparts texture. A steely basalt colour to the shell.

Flesh appearance: The dark rim on the inside of the shell starkly contrasts the milky white flesh.

Aroma: Ripe melon or banana

Taste: Baked cream characteristic. It lingers on the back pallet with a nice sweetness like young gingery spice. Both juicy and meaty.

Just a tad smaller by 5 to 10mm in top lid length to our Signature large grade these oysters are still high quality. Selected specially for you to experience the joy of shucking live oysters at home.


Sydney Rock Oysters grow naturally from SE Qld to the VIC/NSW border. They are characterised by a deep, rich and sweet flavour that is truly unique.

 All Signature Oysters are delivered live (unopened / unshucked).

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